Among the most photographed destinations of Madagascar; always elected in the top 1O of the best sites of the world; the path of Baobabs belongs to the most visited sites of Madagascar.

At dawn or at sunset, the baobabs offer a special and unique view of the landscapes. There has never been a day without visitors taking photos of this site. Those visitors don’t miss their opportunity to share their photos on the internet and in the social network; that’s why; every day we can see new photos in the online site.

Currently; 6 species on 8 have been found in Madagascar; the two other species are in Africa. Those six species manifest themselves on various shapes like giant bottles; the elephant’s noise or even extravagant shapes like male or female reproductive system.

Other baobabs are considered as sacred trees by the local population where we make offering to venerate and thank the Gods. Having more than 50m of height; the baobabs decorate Morondava like giant majestic dominating the space.

So if you choose to discover the king of the forest which is more than 800 years with awesome legends, the path of baobabs in Morondava will be the ideal place for you.

Location – Where is the Path of Baobab ?

The path of baobabs is situated at 40km from the city of Morondava. Besides; don’t also miss visiting the baobabs in love and the sacred baobab on way leading to the special reserve of Andranomena at 50 km from the city. Finally don’t forget to visit an erect baobab and the baobab not circumcised in the park of Kirindy Forest at 70km from the city.



Situated at 800 km from Antananarivo; a stop in Miandrivazo for a night in the hotel is advised if you don’t want to have a tiring trip. Or; the flight Antananarivo to Morondava is also available.


Miandrivazo :

  • Princesse Tsiribihina (medium)

Morondava :

Premium 50 à 140 dollars:

  • Baobab café
  • Palissandre côte Est
  • Le relais de Kirindy

Medium 40 à 80 dollars :

  • Renala Sable d’or
  • Chez Maggie

Small budget 20 à 40 dollars:

  • Trecicogne
  • Sun beach

Season to visit

Having a hot and dry climate; Morondava can be visited all the year. However; during the rainy season; the road leading to Morondava can be cut or even damaged.