The national park of Zombitse Vohibasia is very interesting for the amateurs of birds or the ornithologists. Indeed, the park is famous by its wealth, rare and endemic birds. Afterward, the park is classified birds zone number 93 by the environmental organization Word Bank in 1992. Because of this classification, Zombitse became a place of scientific research it’s even a living laboratory for the researchers.

The park divides in three very different plots which are the park of Zombitse, the most accessible which extends over 16 845 ha; the park of Vohimena on 3 293 ha and finally the park of Vohibasia on 16 170 ha.

Zombitse possesses a tropical dry deciduous forest; we can discover eight species of lemurs. As illustrations, you can observe the Propithèque de Verreaux, the Lemur Catta or the Microcèbe Murin.

Other than the species of rare birds and lemurs, we can also observe several species of reptiles and diverse endemic flora species like baobabs and many types of orchids.



Three circuits have been developed for the national park Zombitse Vohibasia: the circuit Lobo, the circuit Mandresy and the circuit Ritikala. These circuits allow you to discover the flora and fauna of the park with tracking or a guide. These circuits are currently available from 15 minutes at 2h 30min of walking.


The national park of Zombitse Vohibasia is at 841km from Antananarivo, at 360km from Fianarantsoa and at 147km from Toliary.


There are not many hotels near the park so if you are only passenger, the best it is to go to sleep in the city of Toliary where you will have a wide choice of hotels. If you are for searches, the areas of campsite are available on the place.