A perfect illustration of the beauty between land and sea, the national park Masoala doesn’t stop surprising us with its host of tourist attractions.

With 240 500 ha of surface, the park is the paradise of the hikers. Having such a vast surface, Masoala is classified as the biggest park of Madagascar. Because of its size, we estimate that half of the endemic plants of Madagascar are situated in there. Besides, it was discovered in 1997, so the park still has thousands of unknown species. In brief, the national park of Masoala remains a land that should be explored by the scientists.

Currently, we can count 102 species of birds, 10 species of primates and many varieties of reptile and amphibian. The park also has many types of precious woods.

During your hiking, you can see magnificent discoveries. Indeed, in the middle of the green forest, you can admire fauna species rich in colors like the lemurs “vari roux”, the bird “coua bleue”, the red owl, and the tomato frog. To crown it all, you will also have the opportunity to meet with the eagle “serpentaire malagasy” (scientific name: eutriorchis astur) one of the rarest bird of the world.

Besides the park consists of 3 marine parks which are the marine park Tanjona, Masoala, and Tampolo. These marine parks are one of the most important places of reproduction of the whale in the world. From July to September, these marine parks become real places of festivals.

So, for the fans of nature and adventure, the ornithologists, the divers, you are expected in the nation park Masoala.


            For a deep discovery, three circuits have been created: a circuit of 4 days (240$), a circuit of 8 days (370$), and a circuit of 14 days (600$). The circuit of 14 days does the complete tour of the park, and the discovery of the three marine parks is included. Besides, for a partial visit, circuits of one day have been created, the price is from 25$.


            The national park Masoala is situated in the Northeast of Madagascar. You can get there by 4x4 vehicles or by boat. Currently, thanks to the creation of the Savannah IV boat, it is better to reach the park by boat, from Tamatave to Maroantsetra. Once arrived in Maroantsetra, you can directly go to the park.


            Currently, the infrastructures are rare in this place, so it is recommended to make your reservation before your departure. Besides, you can opt for an installation in bivouac or in tent during your circuit.