Let’ give yourself a total mixing with the authentic nature with the national park Lokobe. Officially became national park in 2003, the park Lokobe is a little piece of heaven in the North of Madagascar.

            With 740ha of surface, Lokobe is the smallest park of Madagascar, reason why it is the only park where we can make an autotour (Visit of the park without guide). During your autotour you will not risk to get lost because there are several panels of interpretations which will guide you along your route. However, it will always be possible for you to have a guide if it is essential to you.

            Several fauna and flora species shelter in this little piece of heaven. As illustrations, the park has 11 primate species, 103 species of birds, 84 species of reptiles and 34 species of amphibians.

            Regarding flora, the park is especially known by the presence of the flora species named Kindro and Ramy. Kindro is a palm tree that is very rare and very difficult to find but it grows in the park of Lokobe and Ramy is a tree having a very beautiful yellow aromatic flower.

            Lokobe is the only primary forest left in Nosy Be, and this is what makes it original and authentic. So, do not hesitate to visit the park of Lokobe, a pleasant discovery of the nature is waiting for you there.


            Three circuits have been created for you for your passage in the park. These three circuits are autonomous; you will be guided by the panels of interpretations.

            There is a circuit Kindro for 3 hours of walking. For this circuit, you are going to meet various species of palm trees, lemurs and reptiles.

            There is also a circuit Mitsinjo, for 1 to 2 hours of walking, you can see a very panoramic and beautiful view of the park, you will also meet unique flora and fauna, all of these are waiting for you along the walking.

            Finally, there is a circuit Ramy to appreciate the flora and fauna of Lokobe, with the beach and the sea lining the park. The entrance in the park is 20$.


            The national park Lokobe is in the north part of Madagascar, more exactly in Nosy Be. Once arrived in Nosy Be, the park is at 15 minutes from the city by car or by tuc tuc.


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