Looking for a compete change of scenery? Looking for an escape in a different world? The national park of Isalo is the best option for you.

Indeed, the national park of Isalo has a different type of representation from all the parks of Madagascar. The specificity of the park is gathered in its massif ruiniform, existing since the Jurassic era. The far west or the incredible western landscape, this massif looks like it is not real with its hallucinating forms that are extended on a surface of 81 540ha.

This ruiniform silhouette forged by the nature is decorated by waterfalls with translucent water and oases in the middle of the desert. Besides, you can also see the unique flora and fauna of the park and the fascinating graves of Bara which are situated between the stones of the massifs.

Plunged into a total silence, the visit of park reserves you many incredible shapes of massifs like window, sleeping woman, a shoe and many other surprises even more fascinating.



The park is divided in 10 circuits which can be done in one to two days. The visit of park can be done by hiking, by bike or by car.

If you want to discover the essential points with an overview of the park, two circuits by bike will be proposed to you, one of them for one day and the other one for two days with an installation in camp at night.

If you want to discover the flora and fauna of the park; the circuit Anjofo, the circuit des makis and “Canyon des rats” will be the good choices for you.

If you want to opt for the discovery of the oasis of the park where you will find natural swimming pools and fascinating waterfalls; choose the circuit cascades de Nymphe – black and blue swimming pool or even better the circuit Antsifotra.

Finally, if you want to obtain more knowledge about the geological formation of the park, the “Circuit crête” and the “Circuit Malaso” will be proposed to you.

In brief, you have in total 10 circuits showing all the magnificence of Isalo.


Situated in the rural district of Ranohira, the national park of Isalo is located at 670km from the capital and at 80km from Ihosy. To get there, you need to travel for two days from Antananarivo with a stop in Fianarantsoa at night and continuation of the route the next day.


“Chez Alice” is certainly the best low-budget offer with comfortable bungalows, private sanitary and hot water and the price is from 20$. For charming hotels, let’s opt for “Isalo Ranch”, “Motel de Isalo”, “ITC lodge” or even better “Toile d’Isalo” which cost from 50$. If you prefer the luxury then choose “Satrana Lodge”, “Le Relais de la Reine”, “Le Jardin du Roi” or even better “Isalo Rock Lodge” which cost from 110$.