Looking for a new world to explore; a place far from the rest of the world; a wonderful place in the middle of the nature??? Want to discover everything about Madagascar??? Evatraha is the destination done for you.

Evatraha; a name still unknown in the tourist destination of Madagascar but it’s sure that your journey in the Big island will be full of beautiful souvenirs and many discoveries. In this place; forget about the time and enjoy the nature; fresh air and far from the rest of the world.

Situated in the south of Madagascar; Evatraha is a peninsula at 15 km from Fort Dauphin. A seaside destination; it is an ideal place for a journey in the nature. Having a calm and serene sea, the beach of Evatraha is ideal for swimming and stroll at the beach.

For the fans of diving; the sea of Evatraha has a big underwater wealth which is the principal livelihood of the locals. In fact; the local population is generally formed by fishers who depend on the sea products. Because of that fact; you will have the chance to taste typical food based on seafood broiled on wood fire.

To perfectly end your journey; the visit of the mount Evatraha is advised. Once on the top of the peninsula; you will have the opportunity to discover a panoramic view of the bay of Fort Dauphin; the bay of Lokaro and the peninsula that decorate the extreme south of Madagascar.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the unique world that warranties you a journey at the end of the world far from the noise and the agitation of the city.

Key words

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By the road, you can join the city of Fort Dauphin by 4*4 from Antananarivo. By flight, there is a direct flight from Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin. Once in the city of Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) you can join the village of Evatraha by pirogue or by boat which is at 15 km from the city.


On the spot; there is only one accommodation formed by simple bungalows but convivial. Besides you can opt for the installation of bivouacs or camping. Finally, a journey in the peninsula is perfect for you if you opt for sea trip; your accommodation will be situated in the city of Fort Dauphin that gives you a wide choice on the accommodation.

Season of the visit

In the south of Madagascar the season is almost hot all the year; because of that fact; Evahatra can be visited in all season.