The national park of Ankaranfantsika has host of tourist attractions making it more unique than ever. A magnificent stopping place that you should not miss during your journey in the North of Madagascar, the park extends over 136 513ha.

Ankarafantsika consists of diversified and contrasted landscapes. It is illustrated by the presence of the diverse types of vegetation like the savanna, the dry forest and the rainforest. Besides, the lake Ravelobe, the canyons and the baobabs add a magnificent decoration. Always regarding flora and vegetation, the park is full of diverse healing plants like Katrafay, Aloé Vera, Andenia or Vanilla of Madagascar.

Ankarafantsika is also unique thanks to its extraordinary fauna. Indeed, we can count eight species of lemurs and two of them are very remarkable. The one named Eulemur Mongoz is remarkable with its long tail measuring from 35 to 50cm. The other one is named Cheirogaleus medius, it is famous by its small size of 22cm maximum.

Besides, it is the only park of Madagascar where we can do a boat trip inside with its big lake named Ravelobe. During the boat trip, we can observe the magnificent and immense landscape so doesn’t forget to bring your twin so that none of you misses to see the natural beauty.

The park is also a paradise for the ornithologists because there are 129 species of endemic birds on this place. As illustrations, we have Ankoay, the Heron, the Ibis falcinelle, the Egret, the Malagasy Dyal or even better the Bulbul of Madagascar.

To crown it all, Ankarafantsika is a place of cult of the sakalava region with the presence of the graves of kings and “Doany” like the doany of Betsioka or the doany of Ambalabongo.

In brief, don’t forget to make a detour in the most unique park of Madagascar during your passage in the north part of the red island.



You have the choice between eight various circuits, each of them has its own specificity for the discovery of the park. Between these eight circuits we recommend you the “Coquerelli” circuit where you will have the opportunity to discover the lemurs of the park.

There is also the circuit “Haut du lac” where you will go to observe the immense landscape of the lake Ravelobe or the circuit Canyon for the discovery of a dreamlike and lunar landscape of a fascinating erosion named “Lavaka d’ Ankarokaroka”.

To end the circuit, especially don’t miss your boat trip on the big lake Ravelobe to observe the very rich biodiversity of the park.

The entrance in the park costs 20$. The guides are from 20 to 35 $ according to circuits.


Ankarafantsika is in the northwest part of Madagascar on the RN4. The park Ankarafantsika is accessible by car, at 450km from Antananarivo on the road leading to Majunga / Mahajanga.


During your stay in the park, we recommend you the Blue Vanga Lodge, the overnight stay costs from 40 $.