Classified among the most beautiful parks of Madagascar, the national park of Andringitra offers many kinds of tourist attraction that are not to be missed under any circumstances. Indeed, the park is formed by a vast rain forest, a green landscape, numerous waterfalls like Raindahy with more than 300m of height, its fantastically wealthy endemic flora and fauna, numerous water sources and natural swimming pool.

Besides, the highest summit of Madagascar; named pic Bobby with 2 658m of the height is situated in the park. Therefore, protected thanks to its sloping relief and its gigantic rock massif, the park keeps its authenticity in the wild state.

Belonging to the vast east rain forest, the park is classified world heritage by the UNESCO. The park is only accessible by 4x4. It offers to the visitors an adventure with no limit and the possibility of climbing on the pic Bobby.

Keeping its wild state, the park is very rich in biodiversity with more than 1 000 species of endemic plant, the most known of them is the aloe Andringitrensis, a spectacular flower which can’t be found anywhere else but in the park of Andringitra.

Besides, about fauna, Andringitra is especially known as a territory of Lemurs Catta. Other than the Lemurs Catta, there are also 12 other species of lemurs. Besides, in the park, there are 106 species of birds, 16 species of insectivores, 11 species of rodents, 57 species of amphibians and finally 35 species of reptiles.


Five circuits are created on this site; they can be done in one to four days according to the choice of the visitors. The local guide is compulsory and the price rate of guide is 6$ / days (variable price rate according to the day rate). The park is accessible all the year, its admission charge is 21 $ (variable price rate according to the day rate).


For 4 hours of walking on a looped track of 6km, you can discover the waterfall of Raindahy with a height of 300m and explore the mysterious cave of Raimbavy. On the way, you can meet numerous endemic species.


In this circuit, you are able to discover a lunar landscape, its name is “Diavolana” this means full moon in english. Other than this landscape shaped like moon, it is in this circuit that you are going to meet the famous Maki Catta or Lemur Catta. To crown it all, on your way, you can see fields of wild flowers decorating the mountain like a garden of Eden.


This circuit is on a track of 14km for 8 hours of traveling. If you are the kind of person who likes wildlife, discovering the life of animals in the wild world, the circuit “Imaintso” is done for you. “Imaintso” meaning “The green” is a circuit dedicated to the discovery of the tropical forest of Andringitra and its biodiversity. Therefore, during the circuit, you will discover numerous fauna species like the reptiles, the birds, the amphibians and other species of lemurs like the Microcebus Rufus or the Eulemur albocollaris.


The circuit Imarivolanitra meaning “Nearer the sky” indicates the climbing of the pic Bobby. Do you like challenge; do you like surpassing yourself, are you a fan of trekking, climbing or sports activities? This circuit is done for you. For a route of 28km go and back, the circuit can be done in two days with an installation in camp on the summit of the massif at night. You can meet numerous endemic species on the way, and of course, a magnificent breathtaking landscape is waiting for you at the end of your climbing and that is the overview of the park.


Isahavato meaning “Stony field” indicates the hike in the middle of the stony plateaus which reserves you beautiful surprises such as natural swimming pools and the admiration of the sunset on the stony plateau. In this circuit, you can visit the territory of Lemurs Catta and the territory of the lemur Ravenea Glauca. For a route of 12km in a looped circuit and can be done in 12 hours of walking.


The national park of Andringitra is in the average southeast part of Madagascar. For a traveling of 10 hours from Antananarivo, following the RN7, the park is at 35km from Ambalavao.


Catta camp and Trano Gasy are the infrastructures of reception available on the place. The price rate of bungalows is from 35$.