A big village lost in a vast green forest, here is a few description of Andasibe. Very easily accessible, the national park of Andasibe Mantadia is a place where you can make a stop and you should not miss it during your passage in the east of Madagascar. With 15 480ha, the park is ideal for the walkers who are looking for discovery of the nature in the wild state.

The park is especially known by the famous lemur named Indri Indri. Its size is at around 75 to 100cm and its weight is at around 7 to 10kg make them the biggest lemur of the Big island. This lemur is especially known by their exceptional shout that sounds like a singing, a roar or a siren, in brief nobody really knows what it is. Every morning, you can hear the shouts of the Indri Indri from anywhere in the village of Andasibe, so you don’t need to enter the park to hear them.

Besides, we can also admire several species of fauna in the park; actually there are 56 species of reptiles, 84 species of amphibians, 108 species of birds and 14 species of lemurs.

Regarding flora, the park is mainly full of Ravinala, pandanus and eucalyptus. Besides, the park is the paradise of orchids with more than 100 species.

To crown it all, the forest of Andasibe is so vast, it has several parks and reserves in the surroundings such as the private reserve of Vakôna forest, the “Pérérasse” reserve, the park of Analamazaotra, the garden of orchids and the park VOI MMA represented by the local population. These parks and these reserves are cheaper and more benefiting to the local population and the local providers.

As a matter of fact, you have many ways to discover the vast forest of the east of the red island. So, what are you waiting for?


            To appreciate the fauna and flora species of the park, with magnificent waterfalls and pleasant view on the whole park, choose between the circuits Belakato, Rianasoa and Tsakoaka. To see the cultural aspect of the region, choose the circuit Chute sacrée. Finally, there is also a trekking circuit to discover the whole park that means the combination of the sacred waterfalls, a natural swimming pool, Indri Indri and other fauna and flora species. The admission charge in the park is 20 $. The price rate of guides vary between 15 to 25 $ per person.


            Following to the RN2 leading to the east of the Big island, the national park of Andasibe Mantadia is at 154km from the capital of Madagascar. The park is accessible by any type of car thanks to its asphalted road.


            Several offers of groundside infrastructure are there for you during your passage in the park. Some hotels will propose you the free entrance in their private reserves during your stay at their hotels like the hotel Vakona Forest Lodge or Chez Ricolodge.

For modest establishments and comforts, you have the choice between “Chez Marie”, “Chez Luc” the brother of Marie or “Chez Ricolodge”. For more comfort and charm you will have a wide choice of hotels between “Andasibe hotel”, “Grace Lodge”, “Eulophiella”, “Mantadia Lodg”e or “Vakôna Forest Lodge”.