The diversity rich in color of the city of Antananrivo, the parks and green reserves cirss-crossed b the Canal of Pangalana, paradises coming out a postal card, all of that are waiting for you if you decide to discover the east of Madagascar.


Looking for a new world to explore; a place far from the rest of the world; a wonderful place in the middle of the nature??? Want to discover everything about Madagascar??? Evatraha is the destination done for you. Evatraha; a name still unknown in the...

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DESCRIPTIONS: The national park of Zombitse Vohibasia is very interesting for the amateurs of birds or the ornithologists. Indeed, the park is famous by its wealth, rare and endemic birds. Afterward, the park is classified birds zone number 93 by the...

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DESCRIPTIONS:              Situated in the South of Morondava, the park of Kirindy Mite is an intersection between the forest of the West and the South of Madagascar. The park was created in 1997 and since, several tourists come in the park to observe its...

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DESCRIPTIONS:             Let’ give yourself a total mixing with the authentic nature with the national park Lokobe. Officially became national park in 2003, the park Lokobe is a little piece of heaven in the North of Madagascar.             With 740ha of...

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DESCRIPTIONS The national park of Ankaranfantsika has host of tourist attractions making it more unique than ever. A magnificent stopping place that you should not miss during your journey in the North of Madagascar, the park extends over 136 513ha....

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DESCRIPTIONS             Come to discover the national park of Ankarana, a rare and quite unique beauty which extends over 18 255ha. The specificity of the park is the formation of the Tsingy named "grey Tsingy " or " Ankarana Tsingy". Indeed, emerged by...

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DESCRIPTIONS             A big village lost in a vast green forest, here is a few description of Andasibe. Very easily accessible, the national park of Andasibe Mantadia is a place where you can make a stop and you should not miss it during your passage in...

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DESCRIPTIONS:             A piece of heaven that you should not miss, rich and unique ecosystems, breathtaking green landscapes, resort of thermal water which makes it different from other parks, in brief the total disorientation is waiting for you in the...

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DESCRIPTIONS             A perfect illustration of the beauty between land and sea, the national park Masoala doesn’t stop surprising us with its host of tourist attractions. With 240 500 ha of surface, the park is the paradise of the hikers. Having such a...

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DESCRIPTIONS: Classified among the most beautiful parks of Madagascar, the national park of Andringitra offers many kinds of tourist attraction that are not to be missed under any circumstances. Indeed, the park is formed by a vast rain forest, a green...

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Looking for a compete change of scenery? Looking for an escape in a different world? The national park of Isalo is the best option for you. Indeed, the national park of Isalo has a different type of representation from all the parks of Madagascar. The...

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