The massifs of Makay is already visible everywhere in the blogs of journeys, in the Web sites of tour operators and travel guides, however, the site  is still among the least visited in Madagascar.  Indeed, few local organizers of journey were lucky to really explore and study the place to make it a tourist product which can be sold.

Besides, the site is very difficult to access and very isolated, reason why it is still far from being accessible to all.  To do hikes in those places it is necessary to count at least 4 days of walking and to have a good physical condition.

Concerning the infrastructure of reception, it is necessary to think of bringing tents or camps because there is nothing on routes. Nothing means no house, no hotels, no villages, just the wild nature in pure state.

Consequently, the massifs of Makay remain another wild and authentic site. In Nosy Be, the number of tourists can achieve up to 40 000 visitors in one year but in Makay there are only hundreds of tourists every year.

With the help of “Naturevolution” (An environmental association which has been exploring the massifs of Makay since 2007), Makay obtained the status of a protected area in 2015. Currently we count 2000 fauna species with 9 species of lemurs, 150 species of ants (5  still unknown ), 34 new species of insects, a species of microscopic fish and the list is still long.

In brief, for your journey Madagascar, give yourself the opportunity to discover this fantastic and incredible place. Get ready for a great journey of discovery.



Two tour operators in Madagascar are now known as specialists for the circuit of Makay. Malagasy tours is a specialist of the North of Makay and Madagascar Touring offers you the entire discovery of the site from north to south.

Hikes on the massifs will allow you to discover various types of ground, several caves and canyons which form a real labyrinth, the  translucent water is almost everywhere. You are also going to discover lemurs but you should know that these primates are not used of the human presence and can run away easily.

To crown it all, once on the summit of the massifs, you will have the opportunity to see a picturesque view of the whole site.

Regarding price list, count from 410 to 810 $/person for a pack of journey from 8 to 15 days in the massifs with all services included (Rent shuttle 4x4 with fuel, rent camping equipment, American plan food, guide, carriers of stuff, cooker).


Makay is in the southwest part of Madagascar. Accessible via Malaimbandy in the North and via Ranohira in the South.

For the north side, Malaimbandy is at 137km from Morondava (Morondava – Antananarivo: 679km). For the south side, Ranohira is at 702km from Antananarivo.


Because we are in the wild nature, there is no hotel nearby. The accommodation will be in campsite, in tent or in bivouacs, organized by tour operators. These bivouacs are installed near water sources so you can take a shower, to refresh yourself or wash your clothes.