Has nothing to do with the most famous destinations of the world, Faux Cap or Betanty is a destination that still waits to be explored in the extreme south of Madagascar. Far from the mass tourism; this destination preserves its wild and authentic state. A favorable place for the holiday maker; Faux Cap can be the future most visited destination of Madagascar.

Indeed; this site regroups all the things needed for an unforgettable holiday in Madagascar. To do it; Faux Cap has a paradisiacal beach worthy of a postal card. To refresh yourself; swim in the middle of the fishes and the dolphins.  The landscapes formed by a vast space of white sand and the infinite sea will give you the impression to be at the end of the world. The sound of the wave and the wind that caresses you under the shadow of a coconut will give you a unique sensation.

Still on those places; you can also discover the splendor of the graves Mahafaly with thousands of colors surmounted by totems. Besides, to enrich your journey at Faux Cap; you will have the opportunity to discover the nice and hospitable local population.

Especially; don’t miss your appointment with the fishers who won’t miss proposing you different sea products, generally spiny lobsters.

To summarize the whole; from April to November you will have the chance to admire the whales with their acrobatics and their melodious songs. To do it; boat tour and excursion at the sea let you be closer to those marine mammals and admire them.

So add Faux Cap or Betanty in the program for your next holiday in the Big Island.

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Having a hot climate almost all the year the south destination of Madagascar is accessible all the year. The car is the best mean of transport to join Faux Cap.


To better appreciate the spirit of adventure; it is advised to opt for a camping or a bivouac. Besides the rental at the inhabitants will be also a good choice to discover the local population.

Season of visit

Faux Cap can be visited all the year but the best season of visit is the season of whales that means from April to October